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Sustainable Upscale Living Project ™

Our Commitment

EdWonder is committed to the process of building a sustainable future. Since 2016 we have worked to create value in our communities through movement and consciousness, As an athleisure and cycling apparel brand for outdoor-lovers, one of our core values, connection, plays a critical role in the wellbeing of people and planet. Our sustainability mission will not always be smooth, and the work never done. But, we commit to continuous progress and to learn, listen, take action and the steps to re-balancing our footprint and impact.


Capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.


Capable of undergoing aerobic biological decomposition in a compost system, without releasing any toxins or metals into usable compost called humus, which provides valuable nutrients to the soil.

We are committed to emprove our roles toward our envirnemet,

Adrian A. Aghbal
Founder & Creative Director

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