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Crash Replacement

Accidents happen and are part of cycling, we are here to help and get your kit repaired or replaced. If the crash happens within the first 30 days following the purchase of an EdWonder product, we will repair the item free of charge. If we judge your garment to be irreparable we will replace it with a like-for-like product free of charge. Beyond the initial 30-day period, send us images of your damaged kit and we will provide you with a 40% discount of a replacement kit*

Please note that customers are responsible for shipping fees when returning goods to us for repair. We will ensure goods are shipped back to the customer free of charge using a standard shipping service.

For more information, get in touch using our contact form.

Contact us

- Proof of purchase is required. Receipt or order confirmation

- The crash policy replacement is restricted to garments purchased in the last 24 months

- If the replacement garment is out of stock, a discount will apply to similar item  from the current collection

- The replacement discount may only be applied at the

- This offer is only available to the original purchaser

- The collaboration products, special editions and limited editions are not included

-The replacement discount code does not apply to promotional offers

- Please note that marks and scrapes that caused by the oily chain don't fall under our Crash Replacement Policy

- Fair wear and tear is not covered

- Products such as Base Layers, Bidons, Socks, Caps, T-shirts, Leg Warmers, Arm Warmers , Multi-use cases & Eyewear are excluded and cannot be repaired

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