Celebrates the Senses with “Wonderfool” Pop-Up Maze in Shanghai

edwonder popup wonderfool maze

We are excited to announce a pop-up shop featuring new and classic EdWonder products, as well as collaboratively-made goods. The event will run from Tuesday, September 3 through Monday, September 9th at Lujiazui L+Mall: 899 South Pudong Rd., 5F. All are welcome to come taste, touch, listen…and explore, dare, and wonder.

edwonder maze popup

 Set within a maze in the stylized shape of the EDW logo, the pop-up event will feature ten different products and experiences in four distinct zones. Participants can sniff, sample, and learn to perfectly grind EdWonder coffee beans, indulge in a head-to-toe indoor 3D cycling experience with EdWonder x Factor “Wonderfool” bikes, touch and linger over fashions for slow living, and much more. Does this event seem a bit eclectic and outlandish? That’s the point. The theme of the event is “Wonderfool”–a concept that describes people who stay faithful to fabulous ideas and concept that might seem foolish or crazy to others.

“The EdWonder brand is all about being Wonderfool. Our ideas might seem crazy but we go for it anyway. We want this event and our products to inspire other people to do the same,” says Adrian Aghbal, co-Creative Director of EdWonder. “We see Wonderfool qualities in each product, collaborator, and sponsor featured.”

The Wonderfool maze is designed to allow people to explore their tastes and interests by provoking all five senses in an original way. In one zone, for example, customers are pulled through the maze by listening to music through directional speakers–music that’s undetectable the moment you pass the speaker until you reach the next. In another zone, participants can fully immerse themselves in the scent of EdWonder coffee beans. 

“We wanted to create a unique and fun shopping space that merged EdWonder’s ‘explore, dare, wonder’ motto and the concept of Wonderfool,” says Lan Peng, co-Creative Director of EdWonder. “We hope that people see this spirit in our products and that they’ll emerge from the maze with bold new outlook. Life is full of Wonderfool moments.”  

The maze is open daily from 10am until 9pm, from Tuesday, September 3 until Monday, September 9th. Purchase of the products are available on-site.