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Wonderfool Infinite FW2022

Our Fall-Winter color spectrum choice effectively mixes playful with practical. While injecting a contemporary view and imposing an urban style on nature and the great outdoors. Lead-off with Teal-Green, a color that perpetuates nature symbols of growth. Ironstone Brown with a bit of swagger, and Plum-purple, a stirring purple shade that roses our interest. This color palette reflects our natural environment and meant to create an uplifting mood for the gloomy days as it does for any other day on a bike. The collection highlight is a one-piece collaboration with KPLUS bike helmet to add a flair and style into your activities.

Wonderfool Infinite Collection

Drawing inspiration from the concept of the Infinite Loop, Wonderfool Infinite captures the essence of boundless potential. Its bespoke graphical typography showcases an infinite sequence of visual language, symbolizing an unwavering commitment to progress and empowering individuals to embark on extraordinary journeys of self-discovery and achievement. With a touch of wonder and a hint of foolishness, Wonderfool Infinite celebrates a world of limitless possibilities.

Wonderfool Infinite FW22
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Wonderfool Infinite FW22
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